BVR Engineered Systems

Corrosion Resistant Heat Exchangers

We provide an ample assortment of superlative Corrosion Resistant Heat Exchangers, Glass Heat exchangers, which are highly efficient and durable. We have firmly positioned ourselves as one of the salient Corrosion Resistant Heat Exchangers Suppliers from India. We make them available in wide assortments of choice viz. shell & coil type heat exchangers, immersion heat exchangers, shell & tube heat exchangers, bayonet type heat exchangers and u-tube tubular heat exchangers. Our Cost-Effective Corrosion-Resistant Heat Exchangers are designed to provide quality solution to the requirement of our client. These equipments perform all necessary duties like condensation, cooling, heating, boiling & evaporation. They are manufactured in standard modular designs.

  • Shell & Coil type Heat Exchangers

  • Immersion Heat Exchangers
  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Bayonet type Heat Exchangers
  • U-Tube Tubular Heat Exchangers

  • Material of construction comprise of combinations of highly corrosion resistant materials including Borosilicate 3.3 Glass , SS, SiC, Fluoropolymers & Exotic metals ( Ta, Ti, Hastelloy, etc.)
  • Optimum Solution for every requirement with a range of designs available & in modular construction
  • Wide range of duties namely ; Condensation, Cooling, Heating, Boiling & Evaporation
  • Fabricated with all major internationally prevalent buttress design and having a very high reliability of the strong and high-duty coupling system used for all components
  • Non-standard & special custom designed can also be supplied to special order