BVR Engineered Systems

Solvent Extraction Plant

Liquid extraction, sometimes called solvent extraction, it the separation of a liquid of a liquid solution by contact with another insoluble liquid. The Fully Automatic Solvent Extraction Plant described is for semi-batch operation.

The liquid to be extracted is poured into extraction vessel. Solvent is boiled in a reboiler vessel and condensed in an overhead condensed, the condensed liquid in a reflux divider and passing through pipe work to the extraction vessel. The pipe work incorporates valve in order that the solvent can enter the extraction vessel at either the base of the top, depending on the relative density of the solvent and liquid to be extracted. The solvent and the extracted liquid pass back to the reboiler and the process is reputed until the extraction is complete. The extraction vessel is than drained and the solvent evaporated from the reboiler vessel and collected in the extraction vessel enabling the two liquids to be drained from their respective vessel.

The Solvent Extraction Plant is available in vessel size upto 500 Ltr. and is suitable for operation under atmosphere pressure and vacuume. Today, we have carved a niche as one of the prime Modular Solvent Extraction Plant Exporters based in India.

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