BVR Engineered Systems

Solvent Recovery Plants

We widely deal in acid and Solvent Recovery Plants that are highly valued by all our clients. Our Turnkey multipurpose Solvent Recovery Plants mainly include sulphuric acid recovery & concentration plant, nitric acid recovery plants, bromine recovery plants etc. These acid and solvent recovery plants are manufactured from the robust and strong raw materials to ensure their reliability and durability. They encompass both excellent performance and brilliant quality. They provide long lasting excellent performance and are not affected with any kind of harmful chemicals. Their non-abrasive nature and anti proof properties make them highly popular among the people.

Solvent Recovery

  • Like Acetone, Toluene, IPA, Ethanol, Methylene Chloride and many other inorganic and organic solvents.
  • Processes employed are Distillation (including azeotropic distillation), Extraction (Liquid-liquid & solid-liquid), Absorption, etc.
  • We take up studies for the best possibilities of recovering solvents and other important chemicals from the liquid discharges as well as gaseous exhausts.

Acid & Solvent Recovery Plants
  • Sulphuric Acid Recovery & Concentration Plant
  • Nitric Acid Recovery & Concentration Plant
  • Bromine Recovery Plant
  • Solvent Recovery Plants
  • Sulphuric Acid Dilution Plants
  • Hydrochloric Acid Recovery Plant
  • HCl Gas Generation & Absorption plants
  • Bulk Drug & Speciality Chemical Processing units

We offer turkey projects for the above comprising of the following :
BASIC ENGINEERING - Mass and energy balances , Process flow diagram (PFD), Preliminary Plant layout , other apparatus and equipment specifications
DETAIL ENGINEERING - P&ID , General arrangement drawing , E&I Specifications
PROJECT MANAGEMENT - Scheduling, Resource management, Interface Management, Control
INSTALLATION & COMMISSIONING â Construction management, Loop Check, Test run, Performance Test & Trouble-shooting.