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BVR Engineered Systems

Turnkey Projects

We are engaged in rendering unmatched Projects Advanced Turnkey Solutions to various industries. Accompanied with an experienced team, we render Industrial Turnkey Projects services for Absorption of exhaust gases like SO2, SOx, NOx,

  • Chlorine Cl2, HBr etc.
  • Recovery of Bromine
  • HCl Concentration & Recovery
  • HCl Gas Generation
  • The removal of VOC from gaseous streams

Supported by high technology equipments, we have been executing Commercial Turnkey Projects within the stipulated timeframe.


We offer turnkey solutions for absorption of exhaust gases after carrying out detail onsite studies. Our focus is to satisfy the environmental pollution requirement and also try to recover the exhaust gases in such forms so that they can be reused for various processes thus adding to the bottom line.

Both Adiabatic

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The removal of VOC from gaseous streams, before they can be vented, and from the liquid / water streams before they can be released are Pollution Control measures. Environmental pollution control has now become more stringent as industries, world wide need to comply with these issues responsibly.

The removal of VOC

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These can be done by three different routes :
  • Sulphuric Acid Route Up to 200 Kg / Hr. Spent Acid (70% H2SO4) as by product.

  • Azeotropic Boiling Route Up to 200 Kg./Hour. Spent Acid (20% HCL) as byproduct.

  • Extraction or CaCl2 Route

General Features

The material system hydrogen chloride/water displays a maximum azeotrope at a boiling temperature of 108.6°C, for a system pressure of 1 bar and a HCl concentration of 20.2wt%. If the acid concentration is lower than the azeotrope mixture, the acid can be concentrated only up to the azeotropic point. Further concentration

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Bromine can be recovered from two sources
  • From Sea Bitterns

  • From Industrial effluents

BVR offers turnkey projects for the recovery of Bromine from both the aforesaid sources.

Two processes are generally adopted for the recovery of Bromine from Sea/ Salt Bittern as mentioned

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